There is room for everyone at St Peter's

Weddings and Renewal of Vows

Can we get married in St Peter's?

YES! is the answer for most couples

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To book, Mail Us or call 01634 231736


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(Monday to Friday are free any time)



Can we renew our vows in St Peter's?

YES! To book, Mail us or call 01634 231736


To get married or to renew your vows you do not need to be baptised, christened or anything else.

You do not need to have attended church

or even count yourself as a "Christian".

The answer is YES!

Useful information


Costs and Service Options

Choir? Organist? Flowers?  etc.

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Some couples want to use their own verger for setting up the church. It's not recommended - you need a friend who doesn't mind spending 4 hours working whilst everyone else enjoys themselves.

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If neither of you and none of your parents live in the parish (To find out which parish you or your parents live in, click here) you need a "connection".

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If either of you is divorced please click here.


If you or your partner is a foreign national you need to talk to us at least six months before the planned wedding if you're a non EU national or 3 months if you are an EU national. The rules are the same as for a Registry Office - painful - but we are happy to guide you through the process.


If you are or think you are related to each other

you need to check this


Other Churches

To see other Anglican churches where you can get married in the Gillingham area visit


Civil Partnerships & Same Sex Marriage

Church of England clergy are not allowed to conduct these ceremonies. The Unitarian Church is very supportive or talk to the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement.




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